NTM-2: Non-Thrust Mobilization Techniques and Examination Strategies for Treatment of Spinal Pain Disorders

In this 2-day course participants will learn Non-Thrust Mobilization techniques and examination strategies for the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacroiliac, and temporomandibular regions. Non-Thrust mobilization will be taught for the purposes of patient symptom relief and restoring functional movement. For the lecture portion of this course, current literature reviews on the use of non-thrust mobilization will be provided for; non-specific mechanical neck and low back pain, sacroiliac joint pain, temporomandibular disorders and cervicogenic headache. Global and segment specific examinations will be taught for each region, and participants will learn provocation strategies to identify the treatment segment. A thorough review of the arthokinematics and coupled/non-coupled motions will precede each section. Non-thrust mobilizations will be taught with manual and spinal locking techniques in various positions to maximize the usefulness in a clinical setting. Participants will learn proper grading and dosage of the techniques and will be able to accurately apply forces to the target segment while minimizing forces to others.

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