Vestibular Concussion Specialist Certification

2 courses | 30 hours | 4 days

The Certified Vestibular Concussion Specialist credential consists of 30 hours of didactic, technical and hands-on training in the differential diagnosis and management of sports-related concussions and high/low level patients with all types of dizziness disorders. Two courses comprise the Cert. VCS credential: VCS-1 (Diagnosis & Management of Concussions in the Athlete) and VCS-2 (Diagnosis & Management of the Dizzy Patient). No prerequisites are needed for enrollment in the VCS courses; however, registrants must be a licensed PT/PTA, AT, DC, MD, DO, NP, or PA in their respective state or country.


VCS – 1

Diagnosis & Management of Concussions in the Athlete

2 Day Course | 15 Contact Hours

VCS – 2

Diagnosis & Management of the Dizzy Patient

2 Day Course | 15 Contact Hours
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