Diploma in MSK Ultrasonography

4 Courses | 60 Hours | 8 Days

The Diploma in Musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasonography consists of 60 hours of didactic, technical & hands-on training. Four courses comprise the Diploma in MSK Ultrasonography: MSKU-1 (Diagnostic MSK Ultrasonography of the Upper Extremities), MSKU-2 (Diagnostic MSK Ultrasonography of the Lower Extremities), MSKU-3 (Rheumatology, Oncology, and Physics in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound), and MSKU-4 (Advanced Musculoskeletal Sonography & RMSK Registry Exam Review). These 4 courses serve to prepare the clinician for advanced scanning proficiency, extremity sonoanatomy and pathology, abdominal muscle pathology, and introduce oncological and rheumatological concepts to the clinician. The rheumatology, oncology, and physics preparatory course (MSKU-3) is unique from other programs as it ensures an adequate breadth and depth of knowledge in physics as it pertains to ultrasonography, which is required to pass the RMSK examination. Following the completion of MSKU-1 to 4, clinicians are awarded the Diploma in Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography (Dip. MSK Ultrasonography) credential. No prerequisites are needed for enrollment in the MSKU courses; however, registrants must be a licensed PT, DC, MD, DO, DPM, NP, or PA in their respective state or country.

Doctor makes an ultrasound of the vessels of the hands

MSKU – 1

Diagnostic MSK Ultrasound of the Upper Extremities

2 Day Course | 15 Contact Hours
female patient’s knee joint dynamic test

MSKU – 2

Diagnostic MSK Ultrasound of the Lower Extremities

2 Day Course | 15 Contact Hours
ultrasound of caucasian child’s heel – diagnosis

MSKU – 3

Physics in MSK Ultrasound

2 Day Course | 15 Contact Hours
Ultrasound organs stethoscope medical card. Gynecology and early diagnosis of pregnancy

MSKU – 4

National RMSK Registry Exam Prep & Review

2 Day Course | 15 Contact Hours
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