The term osteopractor has nothing to do with the chiropractic or osteopathic professions


that is, the osteopractor concept is firmly focused on the management of neuromusculoskeletal disorders in an evidence-based fashion, not the treatment of other organ systems as the profession of chiropractic has traditionally engaged. More specifically, the osteopractic concept does not subscribe to the theory of the “Vertebral Subluxation Complex” as the primary cause of “dis-ease”. In short, osteopractic physical therapists do not diagnose or treat all 10-organ systems as chiropractic physicians are trained and licensed to do, and they do not utilize medicine or surgery as osteopathic physicians are trained and licensed to do. Lastly, spinal manipulation and dry needling are shared procedures between many healthcare professions [no one profession owns these–see the recent 2012 SUPREME COURT RULING: ALABAMA STATE BOARD OF CHIROPRACTIC V JAMES DUNNING]; however, the philosophy, the clinical reasoning, and the conditions treated with these procedures dramatically differs between professions.

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