Dr. Erica HollandDPT, MPT, WCS, Cert. DN

    AAMT Instructor

    Dr. Erica Holland, is a pelvic health physical therapist with advanced specialty training in pelvic neurology, abdominopelvic oncology, and pelvic impairments of all genders. She earned a Master’s degree from the University of Evansville and a Doctorate from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Erica is Board Certified in Women’s Health and is CAPP Pelvic and OB Certified. While living in Baltimore, Maryland, Dr. Holland co-developed and was a mentor for the Physical Therapy Neuro-Residency program at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Despite a diverse clinical background, Erica finds pelvic health to be the most rewarding area of PT practice.

    Selected to the APTA’s Academy of Pelvic Health (APHPT) Pelvic Committee since 2017, Erica has served as the course lead author for the neuro pelvic health course and a co-author of the bowel, male, and pediatric pelvic health courses.  Dr. Holland is a primary faculty instructor for the APHPT pelvic courses and continues as a teaching assistant for the obstetric coursework. Erica was a co-recipient of the APTA APHPT President’s Award 2020-2021 and is a recurring guest lecturer for pelvic health and oncology for the PT programs at Belmont University and Howard University.

    Dr. Holland is a brand-new transplant to Georgia. She, her husband (also a PT), and their four kids are currently exploring their new state. Erica likes to read, hates to cook, and loves to laugh.

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